How does TIP work?

Tracing Ireland’s Population (TIP) is a manual contact tracing application for Covid-19 in Ireland. Once an individual tests positive for Covid-19, the HSE aims to contact the individual within 24 hours of the diagnosis. The individual is asked to list any of their known close contacts. TIP aims to nullify this manual task and increase turnaround time by allowing the public to enter their known close contact details into the TIP phone application. TIP begins the process before a test even takes place. 

Symptom Tracker

TIP provides the user with a Covid-19 symptom tracker. By answering a small number of symptom related questions, the app determines the liklihood of the user having Covid-19. 


TIP next qualifies the user into one of three categories:

  1. Those that are showing no symptoms

  2. Those that are showing minor symptoms

  3. Those that are showing strong symptoms


All decisions are made in correspondance with current HSE guidelines.


Qualifying users in this manner ensures that they are guided to the correct symptom outcome.

Contact Tracer

Only users which are experiencing strong Covid-19 symptoms enter the contact tracing suite of TIP. Users are asked to provide the phone numbers of any known close contacts the user may have encountered in the 48 hours before developing symptoms.


Why? This information allows TIP to notify the close contacts that they may have encountered an individual with potential Covid-19 symptoms. Crucially, the users identity remains anonymous. The known close contacts are now identified within seconds as opposed to days. 

TIP not only helps identify clusters within local communities but also:

  • Tracks and uncovers real time symptoms by Eircode routing key

  • Informs general practitioners of the status of Covid-19 in their area

  • Does not require mass adoption for success

  • Offers a solution to  members of the public that have privacy and technology reservations about bluetooth based tracing methods

System Documentation

This section contains supporting documentation for Tracing Ireland's Population (TIP). Note that these documents are drafts and therefore will be under continuous review. 

Overview of System Architecture

Data Dictionary